Efficient energy management



We assist power and gas companies optimize the financial return on their portfolios of energy assets.


Scope of work:

Our work involves financial analysis, strategic planning, and business development.  We help implement energy and currency hedging programs, and we negotiate the terms of contracts of various durations with counterparties.  We enjoy working with an interesting team of professionals and nurturing fruitful relationships with folks in the energy, legal, financial, and technology communities.

We also take on project management responsibilities that involve leading multidisciplinary work groups.  Our management specialty is implementing financial/data reporting systems that assist energy executives make well-informed strategic decisions.



Our background is broad based and encompasses:

* investment management
* business development
* asset valuation and MTM
* business entity valuation, M&A
* asset securitization
* contract collateralization
* project/structured financing
* private equity financing
* credit risk management (incl. LOCs)



Project development, financing, contract negotiation, EEI & WSPP, IRP/LCP, Hub pricing, reserves, transmission, financial analysis




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